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Dirty air ducts have you sneezing!

When thinking of your health people often overlook the air they breathe in their own home. Allergies can come from many different sources some of which store themselves in you air ducts and vents.

As the dust, dirt, dander and mold accumulate in your HVAC system you get the river bed effect. This causes those little deposits of dirt to grow faster by sticking to things in the air that may normally pass by to your HVAC air filter.

Cleaning your air ducts not only gets rid of the current dirt but also helps prevent more from accumulating. More often than not people discover a new level of breathing after their system is cleaned.
Many are unaware of the polluted air if the home they now live in was previously owned. The assumption is this is not from the house as air problems can take year to impact your breathing.
Reinvigorating, may be a word used by those getting their air ducts cleaning for the first time!