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Carpet cleaning does more than just take your home’s décor up a notch. Sure, you get a fresh, mark-free look. But you also get flooring that’s free from gunk, junk and those not-so-welcome dust mites.

Even though there are plenty of ways to get your carpets clean, going with a pro means that you’re getting an expert who knows how to spot problems and get your floors looking like new.

But before you get your carpets professionally cleaned you need to do some prep work. Why is preparing for a professional cleaning a must-do? It can cut down on the time it takes the cleaners to their job and make their lives easier. It can also help to keep your breakables safe and make sure that you get everything you’re looking for in a professionally cleaned carpet.

What do you need to do in preparation for having the pros come and clean your carpets? Take a look at the top tips for getting your home ready for a deep clean.

Get Moving

It’s not exactly easy, or possible, to clean your carpets if you have a few sofas, a loveseat, a couple of armchairs and a side table to two on them. Yes, the pros can technically clean your furniture-covered carpets — just not well
Moving your furniture before the cleaners get to your home serves a few different purposes. Again, you need to move anything that could get in the way of the carpet cleaners’ work. Even though exposing all of the carpet lets the pros get down to business (and right away, without having to move your stuff around), it also shows them where the major trouble spots are. That pet stain that you hid under a chair or the juice spill that you pushed the couch over are suddenly out in the open. Point these out and make sure that the experts know where to start.

Now the pros can get down to work and give extra attention to the areas that need it most.

De-Clutter Too

The chairs and tables aren’t the only things that need to go. Your kids’ toys, the pile of already-read magazines, your dog’s chewy and everything else that sits on the floor all need to go away before the pros come in. The carpet cleaner may know how to get the stains out. But they don’t know where your collection of Harry Potter books should go.

Take a look around the room and box up all of those loose odds and ends. At least for now. This is the perfect time to de-clutter and do some cleaning before the deep stuff starts. Instead of a room filled with legos and random toys that the kids don’t play with anymore, you can have a mess-free space.

Not only does de-cluttering clear out the room, but it also adds a layer of protection. Removing breakables takes away the possibility that the cleaner will accidentally damage your favorite fixtures, finds and pieces.

Vacuum First

If you’re thinking, “Don’t the pros do this?” The answer is, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. While the experts are there to get your floors clean, they’re likely to focus on the dirt, grime and stains and not on the dust bunnies. Vacuuming up left over crumbs from dinner, stray pieces of dry cereal and the cat’s fur helps the cleaners out and makes sure that your floors are ready to go. This saves your time, and the carpet cleaner’s too.

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