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Clean air ducts equal a healthier house, right? It seems like it would make sense. After all, the logical line of thought is that dirty ducts push dust, debris, and other potential allergens/illness-causers into your home.

Yes, this may be true. But that doesn’t mean you should routinely go into your ducts and try to dust them yourself. A DIY duct cleaning won’t score you the results you’re going for. Why do you need a pro to clean your air ducts? Check out the benefits of having a professional service do the work for you.

Accessing the Inaccessible

How far can you see into your air ducts? Even after taking off the register vents and using a flashlight, you can’t look deep into the depths of your ductwork system. This takes a professional.

An air duct cleaning service technician will explore and evaluate your ducts using video. This allows the tech to see potential problem areas. For example, some homes have mold growth in the ducts. This may not be visible near the registers. Only a video look into the ducts will show whether there is or isn’t mold. Knowing what’s in the ducts is essential when it comes to properly cleaning them.

HVAC Knowledge

Your heating ventilation and air conditioning system isn’t exactly easy to understand. If your AC suddenly shuts off, you wouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself. You’d probably call a professional. The same should go for cleaning the components that feed into it.

Improper cleaning of air ducts can lead to HVAC failure. In other words, if you go into your ducts (or into your entire HVAC system) and try to do some DIY cleaning, you’re running the risk of causing permanent damage.
Not only is this inconvenient, but it can become costly. Sure, trying to clean your ducts yourself may seem like it saves you money. But, if you make a mistake you may end up spending even more for a major repair.

Clean Air

Having a clean home is important to you. The dust and grime spewing from your vents isn’t helping. At least, that’s what you’re pretty sure of. If you want a thorough clean that gets the debris out, you need a pro. Why?

Let’s say you stretch that nozzle hose attachment thing that comes from your vacuum into your air ducts. You turn the vacuum on, assuming it will suck everything “bad” out. Well, it might get some of the dust, but it may also kick up even more gunk than it removes.

Inadequate vacuum collection during duct cleaning can make your not-so-dirty home into a dust-filled space. A professional collection system has the strength to fully clean your air ducts, capturing and disposing of the dust and debris.

Extensive Inspection

Along with looking for moldy or dirty areas, a professional air duct-cleaning technician knows what other problems to cover in a pre-service inspection. Not all air ducts and HVAC systems are the same. If you live in an older home, it’s possible that parts of your system contain harmful materials such as asbestos. These may be used as part of the insulation.

Cleaning anything that contains asbestos is a job for a professional. The everyday DIY homeowner doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to deal with this type of material. If the professional air duct-cleaning technician finds this, or another harmful material, they can recommend how to proceed safely.

Peace of Mind

Let’s say you decide to tackle air duct cleaning on your own. You clean, and clean and clean some more. You think you’ve done a top-notch job. But you can’t really be sure. After all, you don’t have any real experience in duct cleaning. Hiring a pro gives you the peace of mind that your ducts are actually clean.

There’s no worrying that only part of the system is now dust-free or that there’s hidden mold lurking in the depths of your walls. After the cleaning is done, your tech can even show you just how thorough the service was. That’s right, they can feed the video camera back through your system and give you a look at the clean ductwork.

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